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Camel Wonderland

Role : Animation | Sound Design

Produced at: Bombay Design Center

Date: September 2022

Camel Wonderland, a planet-friendly digital theme park, is a mobile web-based experience for children aged 4-8 years. It features five levels, each focusing on a different environmental issue - saving animals, reducing air pollution, cleaning up the oceans, recycling waste, and saving water.

Based on the "learning-by-doing" theory, Camel Wonderland provides positive screen time to children via a free 15-minute experience that is available even with a ₹10 pack. The end goal of ‘Saving Wonderland’ is designed keeping in mind current global realities and real-world challenges impacting the planet today. This learning experience is packaged in imaginative settings that inspire kids to draw and colour -- an enchanted forest, a land of dinosaurs, a land made of sugar & candy, a lost underwater world, and an alien planet.

Children are motivated to pay attention to these real issues through interactive gameplay, positive feedback, reactive sounds, unique characters, an easy-to-understand rewards system and simple, inspired messaging. All these factors strengthen the children's interest, keeping them engaged for longer, while the pack acts as an ever-present gateway into Camel Wonderland.

Over 100 million packs will carry this activation across India in a year!

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